2020 in Review

2020 in review


2020, let’s talk.


Yeah…2020 doesn’t know either. Right then.

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2020 in Review – Cedar Point Rabbitry’s View

We ALL know what 2020 was…and wasn’t.

So let’s talk a bit about our rabbitries and what happened or didn’t happen with them.

One of my goals was to at the very least go to the ARBA show in Meaford. That didn’t happen for two reasons: 1) it was cancelled (pre-covid cancel) and 2) it wouldn’t have happened anyway because of covid.

Another thing I wanted to work on was simply rebuilding my herd after 2 really rough years. That goal I definitely reached. I am so happy with what I have in my barn now; and that I was able to offer tris & harlequins to you again.

While I wasn’t as faithful with posting blog posts as I wanted to be, I am still happy with the number I got up.

Moving forward I want to work on mass and bone in my herd. And slipped crowns. Those are driving me crazy! I am happy with the overall look of my herd, so now it’s on to some finer points.

But my BIGGEST 2021 goal? Move everyone safely to Alberta! It’s been CrAzY here the past 2 months as we prepare for that huge change. I am very sorry to leave the Ontario rabbit community behind and all the connections and breeders here. But! Alberta is a brand new place with so many opportunities. (2021 December edit: sorry, that didn’t happen. See instagram for details)

And if I hadn’t already packed away my goal and blog list sheets I would be able to tell you more. The woes of packing.

For my rabbitry, 2020 started as a rebuilding year with came with huge successes. As 2020 comes to a close, it is now a year of huge change.

What did 2020 mean for your rabbitry? Did you meet your goals? What are your new ones?

I don’t know how many posts I’ll get up in the coming months. Or if I’ll get any up 🙂 But I am still here albeit busy! If you have questions, please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.

Thank you so much to everyone for all your support! Here’s to a GREAT 2021!


2020 in Review

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