5 creative ways to keep your garden tools TIDY

We’ve all done it. Leaned that shovel against the wall or stuffed a rogue rake back into a barrel.

Because who has time to organize when tools are in high demand?

I’m guilty of it! Putting tools back in dysfunctional spaces is NO FUN. Or in dark, gloomy corners. Let’s just avoid those, shall we?

Instead – check out these:

5 creative ways to keep your garden tools TIDY

If you’re not really a build-all-the-things type, here are a couple of ideas for you. Cute, functional, and easy to make.

#1 – Simple Designs

10 creative ways to keep your tools tidy

A simple design that is also functional, this shelf works wonders on messy tools.

Built with two by sixes, a few dowels, and screws, so anyone can quickly assemble this.

Hang outside your back door or garden fence for easy access – AKA, it’s effortless to actually hang tools and muddy boots 🙂

Looking for variations on this? Take a look below, the only limit is imagination!

From leftover PVC to screws in a 2×4, there is an organizational style for everyone.

#2 – Reclaimed Pallets

Let us never sneeze at the lowly pallet again. These wonderful pieces can be used for just about anything! From sheds to garden beds, and, of course, tool organization. The wonderful thing about pallets is…nothing needs to be done to them to be able to use them for storing tools.

But, it’s always fun to add some white paint, hooks, and charm to a pallet project…

#3 – Hoses

Hoses. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all need ’em. They’re just, so…TANGLY! Who else despises trying to untangle a garden hose? Show of hands…um-hm. Yep. Not just me 😀

Here are a few hacks to keep your hoses tangle-free.

#4 – Small Hand Tools

You know, the ones that get lost easily? So you end up buying more, just to find your other set in some obscure location? Those ones. No one said garden tool organization was always easy 😉

Here are a few ways to keep them in one spot…so you don’t have to keep buying new ones.

5 creative ways to keep your garden tools tidy

#5 – Sheds

No garden storage idea post is complete without mentioning sheds. They can be full-blown 10×12′ sheds, or a tiny walk-in shed. Regardless, garden sheds add beauty, easy storage, and charm to any gardening space.

It can be as big as you want – or as small. Let your creativity run wild!

What is your personal garden tool organization tip?

Comment below! I’d love to hear it – the more tips the better 🙂

Have an amazing day,


5 creative ways to keep your garden tools TIDY

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