5 items to have on hand when raising rabbits

5 items to have on hand when raising rabbits

Ever wonder what products I use the most often with my rabbits? Well, here you go! These are my go-to products, and I love them.

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Eye drops

I use these if a baby ever needs it eyes cleaned. 1 drop in the eye and they are good to go! I get them at Zehr’s or Walmart.


For cleaning babies’ eyes. They work great. Walmart.


L.O.V.E this product! It has saved animals for me, cleared up infections, snuffles and more. I would not want to be without it. Ever. Herbiotic is basically a herbal antibiotic created by a Master Herbalist. (US product, not currently shipping to Canada (30/12/21) )

Dewormer A

This is my natural dewormer for my rabbits. I add it to their water, and they just drink it right up! No harmful side-effects, easy to use. It’s great! (US product, not currently shipping to Canada (30/12/21))


My go-to if a bun is sneezing from weather changes – ie cold/warm air changes in the spring and fall, or humidity. Works great, and it’s another natural remedy.


Extra cage

Vital if you need to bring someone inside, somehow end of with an extra rabbit, and for quarantine.

Extra fluff

For when a doe doesn’t pull enough fur for her litter. Having extra on hand can save litters!

Short post this week because I’m busy with a bunch of litters and new baby goats. Baby goats who think they need to jump on me 😉 So cute! Take a peek at them over here)

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5 items to have on hand when raising rabbits

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