5 PROVEN Reasons to use Goat Milk Soap

5 PROVEN Reasons to use Goat Milk Soap

What is goat milk soap good for?

Is it all hype? Goat Milk Soap is apparently good for pretty much any skin type and condition! But is it true?

The answer?

YES. It is true! And it’s backed up by actual studies. Let’s dive right in!

5 PROVEN Reasons to use Goat Milk Soap

1 – Goat Milk Soap is Antimicrobial

This study performed in 2016 tested Goat Milk Soap against 14 pathogens, including E.Coli, Candida, and Salmonella. It delayed the growth of 8 bacterial organisms and completely inhibited the growth of 6 of the organisms tested!

Because of that, Goat Milk Soap is effective for treating acne and skin infection as it has antimicrobial properties that delay the growth of pathogenic organisms.

The result of the study was that “goat milk soap has great antimicrobial activity against these pathogenic organisms and fungus.”

Another interesting point the paper made is that Triclosan – a very harmful chemical antimicrobial –  has a high pH, causing skin irritation and dry skin. This brings us to our next point.

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2 – Goats Milk Soap has an average pH of 7 – neutral

Goats Milk Soap has a balanced pH of 7. Our skin’s pH is 5.4-5.9. Goats Milk Soap doesn’t strip, dry out, or rid the skin of the things that protect it and are removed by other soaps. It is gentle, soothing, and restorative – especially for skin types and conditions that require some TLC.

Goat Milk Soap is ideal for infants because it is so gentle. Those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin or any type of dermatitis will benefit from using soap so soothing and gentle. It’s packed with good things our skin so desperately craves.

3 – Handmade soap – especially Goat Milk Soap – is loaded

Loaded with nutrients, enzymes, minerals, fats.

Goat milk is hypoallergenic, packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

This study by the USDA found that Goat Milk reflects what the goat is fed, whether the goat’s food was high in fat, minerals, etc. What does this mean? Basically, that raw, pastured goat milk will make better soap than commercial, grain-fed goat milk. Pastured goat milk will carry all those extra goodies into the soap.

Goat Milk has more Vitamin A than cow milk. It contains at least 12 minerals, 11 vitamins, and has an average of 3.8% fat. It packs a powerful punch!

4 – Alpha Hydroxy & Lactic Acids

Both of these have been used for exfoliation in beauty products for YEARS.

And guess what…both occur naturally in Goat Milk! Just at much lower levels.

Dr. Dennis Gross explained that you don’t need to see peeling to have exfoliation results. Acids at lower strengths are less irritating but are still effective. These two acids work by dissolving the ‘cement’ between skin cells, gently taking off old, worn-out cells and leaving the fresh, new layer exposed.

This beautiful combination of moisturizing fats and gentle acids safely removes dull, dead skin without causing damage.

The results? Instant glow!

5 proven reasons to use goat milk soap

5 – Goat Milk Soap and Psoriasis

This medically reviewed article states that there are many claims that soaps made from Goat Milk may help soothe the symptoms of psoriasis. Since psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease, topical applications are not the end-all cure-all. It is best to look at your diet and eat healthily. But, if Goat Milk Soap can help soothe your skin, why not give it a try?

6 – Can’t forget the Lard!

One last (proven) reason to give Goat Milk Soap a try!

Pastured lard is the other main ingredient in my Goat Milk Soap. Gotta give it a little love here.

Why should you care that it’s in your soap?

PASTURED. It’s gotta be pastured. Fat – lard – is where pigs store all their goodies to overwinter on (not that they need it).

Diana Rodgers, RD gives a good summary of pastured pork’s clear nutritional superiority and safety.

“Pigs raised on pasture have 300 percent more vitamin E and 74 percent more selenium (a vital antioxidant) in their milk than pigs raised in confinement, according to Don C. Mahan Professor of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University. This bounty of nutrients promotes healthier litters, shorter farrowing times, and good milk let down. Pastured pigs raised outdoors can also have more Vitamin D (read all about Vitamin D here, from the brilliant Chris Masterjohn) in the lard.

Loren Cordain cites three studies on his website for the following quote: “Because pigs are monogastric animals (single stomach), they have the ability to convert vegetable and plant 18 carbon fatty acids (ALA) to the 20 and 22 carbon fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which reduce inflammation, reduce cardiovascular disease and promote good health for us all when we eat pork. Free-ranging pork contains higher concentrations of these beneficial fatty acids than are found in their feedlot produced counterparts.”Additionally, there are no unnecessary antibiotics or growth stimulators given to organic, pasture-raised pork.”

And all that is in the soap! These soaps are absolutely LOADED with goodness.

5 proven reasons to use goat milk soap

Trade-in your commercial soaps & body washes for the high-quality, luxurious, handcrafted alternative. These soaps will gently cleanse, provide you with moisturization, and more.

It is a refreshing little slice of heaven that you didn’t even realize you needed.

How to use Goat Milk Soap:

Goat Milk Soap can be used just like any other bar soap. The main thing to remember is to keep it dry. They will literally melt away if left in a pool of water.

Keep out of eyes and discontinue use immediately if any kind of reaction or irritation occurs.


Are you ready to try Goat Milk Soap? They are that little slice of goodness your skin is craving.

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5 PROVEN Reasons to use Goat Milk Soap

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