7 Mistakes Rabbit Breeders Make

7 mistakes rabbit breeders make

We all make mistakes. It’s how we learn.

Basically, if you are not making mistakes or ‘failing’, you are not learning.

If something is always perfect and right, you are not learning.

Some people I know just roll with it…while other people (me!) have trouble seeing mistakes and failures as times of growth and learning.

Whatever camp you’re in, this post is for you.

7 mistakes rabbit breeders make – ones I see often and have made myself.

Let’s jump right it!

1- Not researching colors & how color genetics work

This one is popular among new breeders and I get it. Colour genetics is very, very overwhelming! (which is why I created these charts)

Research the colours of your breed before buying breeding stock. Not all colours mesh.

For example: sure, for pets mixing BEW’s and viennas in with any colour makes cute babies, but a lot of other breeders don’t want that in their program. BEW’s can hide for up to 10 generations and can cause funkiness along the line. (no, not bashing breeders that do this, just using it to make a point 🙂 I’ve bred BEW’s and Viennas in the past and they are super, super adorable)

7 mistakes rabbit breeders make holland lop bucks

2 – Not researching breeds

It’s really, really easy to have too many breeds. Try this one, try that one. BUT, you’ll never really improve any of them if you have too many. Limitations crop up – cage space, time, money, knowledge…the list goes on.

Research the breeds and narrow it down to a handful or less that interest you. Go to shows and meet breeders who raise them. What one really stands out to you?

Angoras may be adorable and fluffy – but do you have time to take care of their coats? English Lops are majestic, but do you have cage space for them?

I have tried several breeds in addition to Hollands over the years but never had more than 2 breeds at a time. Breeds like Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, Polish, New Zealand…but the Hollands were always there and always my favourite 🙂

3 – Not researching breeders

This can be a bit of a touchy subject, but research breeders before buying! Look up their stock, what people are saying about them, track record with selling animals, etc.

Read their sales policies. Check out FB pages or IG feeds. Ask questions, but be respectful and polite.

There are good breeders and there are bad breeders. And everyone probably gets burned at least once.

4 – Not going to shows

I am totally guilty of this one! There are very few shows (aka 1. And it didn’t happen this year) within 2 hours of me.

So, if you can, go to shows. If not – you’re with me.

Shows are a great place to check out breeds, breeders, learn, connect, and just have fun. Plus, you may end up buying rabbits and supplies.

So, please try to go to at least a few.

7 mistakes rabbit breeders make why I chose to sell breeding stock

5 – Not finding mentors

EVERYONE, repeat everyone, needs someone who understands rabbits and gets how much you like them. You need that person to be able to give you feedback, pick you up, encourage you, and set you straight if need be.

You need to be able to pour out what’s going wrong with your rabbits without fearing it’ll be plastered all over the internet.

It is vital to your mental health.

6 – Not culling

Culling doesn’t always mean putting down. It can mean petting out or retiring breeding stock.

Either way, realize not every rabbit is breeding quality or show quality. Some rabbits aren’t even pet quality.

You need to get in your head, a plan of what you are going to do with your culls. Will you find a cull buyer? Snake food buyer? Will you pet out a lot of your rabbits?

Some older breeding stock can go as starter stock for new breeders, especially if they are your best rabbits.

Be creative!

7 – Misusing terms

This one. Yeah. Pet peeve of mine. Misusing terms portrays you as not knowledgeable about rabbits. Also, check your spelling. ( breed vs bread for example, or purebreed vs purebred) And punctuation.

Plain and simple, get your terms right! Learn what registered means, what pedigreed means, show terms such as BIS, BOB, etc.

7 mistakes rabbit breeders make…what ones stand out to you?

I’ve done all of them. Yep.

Have a great week and don’t spend too much on Black Friday Sales. But, on the same note, what are your favourite places to get stuff from on Black Friday? Probably unsafe to ask, but…had to anyway!

~ Megan

7 Mistakes Rabbit Breeders Make

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