Camping, Cottages, & Shampoo Bars

We’re heading into SUMMER.

Who’s ready for it? Hot summer days, long evenings, and cool water.

SO ready.

After that spring, who wouldn’t be?

Camping, Cottages & Camping: What do you bring?

Do you pack 101 bags with everything you could possibly need or are you more of a minimalist?

Did you find a happy medium? We aim do a happy medium. (hard to do with a large family, just sayin’!)

Camping – we spend A LOT of time on the beach, relaxing. It’s marvellous. So nice to take a break during the hectic summer months.

What about you? where do you head to relax?


camping, cottages, and shampoo bars

Considering all the toxins in commercial shampoo, it’s not the best thing to bring out to the ‘wilderness’ – whether that be the cottage, camping, or true wilderness camping.

Many of the ingredients in that shampoo are not bio-degradable. They stay in the environment.

On the other hand, there are shampoo bars.

Shampoo bars – high-quality, natural, handcrafted shampoo bars ARE bio-degradable.

Because of a process called saponification, there is no lye left in the final product.

Saponification is the chemical reaction in which the building blocks of fats and oils (triglycerides) react with lye to form soap. Saponification means “turning into soap” from the root word, sapo, which is Latin for soap. The products of the saponification reaction are glycerin and soap. Chemically, soap is a fatty acid salt.

Fatty acids are bio-degradable. All the ingredients in the shampoo bars are natural and bio-degradable. No synthetic colours, scents, or additives are added to any of my shampoo bars.

Biodegradable definition: materials that have the ability to decompose naturally. Please note there is no legal definition for biodegradable as it applies to soap, so this is again a subjective term.

Handmade soap doesn’t contain detergents and phosphates; phosphates have been found to be a major polluter of lakes and streams.

All that being said, it is best to use common sense and limited quantities of soap when out in the environment.

Another reason is the packaging. You can take your shampoo with you in a reusable container – no disposable, plastic packaging needed.

After shampoo bars, there are regular soaps

Natural soaps follow the same reasons as shampoo bars. The only difference is that some of my regular soaps are scented with fragrance oils.

It’s best to pick ones scented with essential oils. (they have the pretty tops, and the labels go side to side, instead of top to bottom)

What do you use on camping trips?

Comment below!

Enjoy your day,


Camping, Cottages, & Shampoo Bars

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