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Finding Canadian Seed Companies for home gardeners can be HARD. I know we’re not as big people-wise as the states, but seriously! There’s got to be more companies in Canada selling seeds for home gardeners, homesteaders, and small farmers.

Search and William Dam pops up.



Maybe a few smaller companies like Richters or Seeds of Diversity.

If you are looking for small companies or heirloom seeds, those particular companies cannot always help you out.

So – I have a List for you of Canadian Seed Companies!

The companies on this list are Canadian-owned, some are also family-owned, most have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, and none are owned by Monsanto.

I have tried to only include the small companies that are harder to locate. (so no, William Dam, Stokes, Veseys, etc did not make the list)

I haven’t personally dealt with all of them, but I do recommend checking them out and letting me know what you think.

Vegetables, Flowers, & Herbs

Annapolis Seeds – an interesting-sounding company that never repackages seeds, but only offer seeds grown by themselves or a handful of friends scattered across the Maritimes. They are currently the only 100% Grown in Atlantic Canada seed company!

A’Bunada Seeds – A small company located in Alberta serving the home gardeners and novices with non-GMO, high-quality seeds.

Atlantic Pepper Seeds – if you are into peppers at all, this is a company you’ll want to check out! From Ghost Peppers to Sweet Peppers, there’s something for everyone. Family-owned in New Brunswick, they specialize in peppers for cooler climates.

Super Hot Peppers/Pepper Crate/Peppers from the North – this one has several names, so I listed them all πŸ™‚ Super, super hot peppers here! Plus they offer a couple of paprika peppers. Check this Ontario company out πŸ™‚

canadian seed companies

BC Eco Seed Co-op – Not quite a company, this is a unique group of BC farmers and seed lovers who are committed to vegetable, herb, grain, flower, and cover crop seed that is ecologically grown, open-pollinated, regionally selected, and GE-free. How cool is that?!

Bird & Bee “every seed tells a story.” A small Quebec-based, an organic seed company. A unique company with a special story, they donate a portion of each year’s seed crop to seed libraries. How often do you hear of a company doing that?

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company – a SK-based company that I recently came across!

Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes – now this is a cool company! With potential frosts in late May and late August, it is a real challenge to grow tomatoes in Airdrie, Alberta. He handbags his tomatoes to prevent cross-pollination. If you are interested in tomatoes, check this company out!

Caribou Seed Company – a Toronto-based business with plenty of 5 star, Etsy reviews! From seed kits to perennials, they have a lot to offer.

Cochrane Family Farm – a Certified Organic Farm that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge which is located in Nova Scotia. Offering a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, this is one to checkout πŸ™‚

Jardins de l’Γ©coumΓ¨ne: Accueil – a Quebec company with certified organic seeds adapted to the QC climate. French website or translated English website.

Canadian Seed Companies

Greta’s Organic Gardens – an Ontario-based company that offers organic, open-pollinated veggie seeds. They have also signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee!

Gelert Garden Farm – free shipping on orders over $50, plus they sell sweet potato slips! They are located by Minden, ON.

Good Food Garden – clean, good seed! Located by Vankleek Hills, Ontario. Resells from The Matchbox Garden & Seed Co., also offer started seedlings.

Eternal Seed – yet another BC company dedicated to high-quality heirloom seeds. Looking for flavour, aroma, and beauty? Check their seeds out! Safe Seed Pledge signed.

Eric’s Garden Market – a small, beginning company located in Whitby, Ontario. Plus they have a really neat market section!

Full Circle Seeds – All of their seeds are certified organic, locally grown & adapted, open-pollinated, and non-gmo. Full Circle Seeds is located in Sooke, BC. High-quality seeds for your home garden!

Hana Earth Gardens – An Ontario-based, small business with plenty of variety! Check out their zinnia collection for one…

Harmonic Herbs – their seeds are entirely open-pollinated, non-GMO, untreated, and seed saver friendly. They grow in zone 3, Alberta! If you are in zones 3-4, check them out for hardy plants and seeds. They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds – This company I have dealt with, and I am very happy with its seed quality. All their seeds are organic, non-gmo, and open pollinated. They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Located in Ontario!

canadian seed companies

Heritage Harvest Seed – All of their 800+ heirloom seed varieties are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated and natural seed. This unique company is located in Manitoba.

Heirloom Seed Vault – Alberta-based, heirloom, open-pollinated varieties!

Hope Seeds – another eastern Canada seed company located in Nova Scotia! All seeds are grown by Hope Seeds or by their organic, sustainable growers. A unique company with a special story.

Howard Dill – looking for giant pumpkin seeds? Here’s the place! Record-breaking pumpkins are grown here. Located in Nova Scotia.

Incredible Seed – an off-grid, husband-wife team company in rural Nova Scotia. They offer a wide variety of veggies, herbs, trees, and bushes! They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. All of their seed is open-pollinated, heirloom and grows true-to-type. Seed saver friendly!

Kitchen Table Seed House – another organic, heirloom, non-gmo seed company located near Kingston, Ontario. They are dedicated to providing delicious, flavourful veggies for your table!

Canadian Seed Companies

La Finquita – an organic, bio-dynamic farm in Nova Scotia. They offer all the seeds needed to start a ‘wild’ garden! Attract bugs, worms, birds, and butterflies to your garden.

Laughing Swan Farm – who could resist taking a look at a seed company with that name?! Located in British Columbia, they offer a wide variety of veggies, herbs, and flowers.

Mandy’s Greenhouse – A Manitoba-based, heirloom & heritage seed company.

Manhattan Farms – puts a unique twist on seed buying by offering boxes, packages, and collections! From edible flowers to veggies, this is something to check out πŸ™‚ Located in BC.

Mapple Farm – While they have a super outdated website, they offer short-season sweet potatoes! Located in New Brunswick, are organic, and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Matchbox Garden & Seed Co – Certified organic, heirloom seeds in Ontario. Not only do they offer seeds and seedlings, they also offer workshops!

Naramata Seed Co – another small seed company in Okanagan Valley, BC. Safe Seed Pledge signed. They offer rare and unique varieties of seeds.

canadian seed companies

Norton Naturals – Get your perennial vegetables here! Located in eastern Ontario.

Northern Wildflowers – a northern Ontario-based company with free shipping on orders over $50.00.

Natural Seed Bank – located in Port Hope, Ontario and offers a variety of non-GMO garden seeds. All of their vegetable seeds are non-hybrids – they only offer open-pollinated, heirloom seeds.

PEI Seed Alliance – a collection of seeds from farmers on the Island! They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Seeds available!

Rainbow Seeds – a family-run & owned business near the Bay of Fundy. They have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and offer a fun array of seeds!

Ravensong Herbals – another small company in BC offering a lovely selection of herbs, veggies, and herbal items. Beautifully packaged and grown, this is one to check out!

Revival Seeds – started by a couple with a trunk full of dreams in 1905…this company has a very neat story behind it. Originally from Manitoba, they are now located in Nova Scotia.

Richters – this is my go-to herb seed company! They put a massive amount of seeds in their packages and I’m always happy with the quality. Ontario.

Canadian Seed Companies

OSC ( Ontario Seed Company) – This is the largest Canadian-owned & operated seed packet company in Canada. (so says their website, but I’m guessing William Dam isn’t far behind! πŸ˜‰ )They offer over 250 vegetables, so there’s bound to be something for you here.

Omega Blue Farms – a B.C based, small seed farm. Seeds are non-GMO, open-pollinated, and they have a neat story behind them!

Salt Spring Seeds – Another interesting-looking seed company on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Seeds for Food – offers rare and unique seeds! Just take a look at their bean collection. Lots of cool finds here. Located in Quebec.

Seeds of Imbolc – check out this fun, little company situated in Fergus, Ontario!

where to buy seeds in canada

Terra Edibles – Heirloom seed company in Ontario. Organically grown.

Terre Promise – a neat company located on Bizard Island, Quebec!

Tatiana’s Tomato Base – tomato company based in B.C. Specializing in…tomatoes!

T&T Seeds – a Manitoba-based company I just came across recently.

The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze – finally, a company in Newfoundland! They offer a lovely array of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not only that, their website is beautiful.

Tree & Twig – based in Ontario, this company offers seeds, seedlings, and a CSA in the Niagara region. Lots of neat varieties here!

The Green Witch Seed Co. – an Etsy business based out of Alberta. You need to go see their Black Swan Poppy!

UHarvest Seeds – Ontario company offering organic seeds since 1997.

Urban Tomato – not only do they have tomatoes but peppers, herbs, flowers and more! Ontario company dedicated to quality.

Wild Flower Farm – Wildflower Farm is your source for organically grown, non-GMO, native North American wildflower seeds, native grasses and wildflower seed mixes. Located by Coldwater, ON.

Wild Rose Heritage Seed – 235 varieties of non-gmo, untreated, open-pollinated seeds! Located in Alberta.

Winnipeg Sweet Potato – Healthy, locally grown, and spray-free sweet potato slips in – you guessed it! – Manitoba πŸ™‚

West Coast Seeds – A family-run & owned, Organic company situated on Canada’s west coast. They offer over 1,000 varieties of untreated, non-GMO, non-GEO, open-pollinated, and hybrid seeds as well as a wide range of quality gardening supplies. Nice!

Weston Seeds – Weston Seeds is a Third generation family business with over 50 years of growing and harvesting history proudly serving the gardening community. They are located in Woodbridge, ON and carry some beautiful plants!

Yonder Hill Farm – as per their website: “By buying our seeds, you are not only supporting small scale regional seed production, you are getting high quality, spray-free, non-GMO, open-pollinated/heirloom, and sometimes rare seeds- all adapted to a homestead garden.” Located in NS.

Seed Potatoes

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes – one of the neatest things about this company is you can order just 4 potatoes at a time! Or up to 900kg bags. Want to try a new variety? Check. Need to order for your market garden? Check. Its Canada’s smallest seed potato farm and was certified organic in 2018. Located in BC.

Ellenberger Organic Farm – another Ontario farm near Coe Hill where you can pick out seed potatoes! Certified Organic and powered by horses. How cool is that?

Helmer’s Organic Farm – located in BC, this company offers 18 different varieties of seed potatoes. Their farming practices meet or exceed organic practices plus they are a bio-dynamic farm.

The Gentleman’s Backyard – not only potatoes but a variety of other plants as well.


D & H Newman Garlic – this was a cool find! Kincardine, Ontario. With over 25 different varieties of really cool garlic, this should be considered as a supplier of high-quality garlic.

Grim’s Gourmet Garlic – hand cultivated and organically grown seed garlic in British Columbia. The lovely variety available.

John Boy Farms – hardy, Canadian-worthy seed garlic in the Red River Valley, MB. Basically organic and well maintained by 5th generation farmers. THAT’S a family farm legacy.

Norwegian Creek Farms – offers 80 different varieties of seed and culinary garlic! Certified organic. Located in BC.

Railway Creek Farm – a small, ecological and regenerative farm on the south edge of the Canadian Shield in Hastings County, Ontario. Growing garlic for you!

Rasa Creek Farm – Organic seed garlic near Vernon, BC.

Red Lion Organic Farm – organic seed garlic in BC.

SASKGarlic – organic, pesticide-free seed garlic in SK.

Fruits, Nuts, & Berries

Green Barn Nursery – Located in Quebec. This small, family-run nursery selects stock specifically for hardiness and the ability to withstand cold. Stocking nuts, fruits, berries, and more, is a good place to start if you are looking to establish a home orchard.

Golden Bough Tree Farm – Located in eastern Ontario just outside of Kingston, Golden Bough specializes in rare and native trees & bushes. Looking to start – or replant – your property with native plants? Start here!

Corn Hill Nursery – From roses to fruit trees, this beautiful nursery offers a great selection of landscaping and practical plants. Corn Hill is located in New Brunswick. They grow without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Bonus!

Mount Royal Seeds – a Canadian company offering a huge selection of tree seeds! From bonsai to conifers, there is something for every tree enthusiast.

Fraser’s Thimble Farms – from rare trees to bulbs, this place has you covered! While their site is a little outdated, their selection is impeccable.

where to buy fruit trees in canada

Hardy Fruit Trees – This company I have dealt with and I LOVE their trees! High-quality, hardy trees for anyone in Canada. Highly recommend them.

Rhora’s Nut Farm – All the nuts you’ll ever want! Huge variety of high-quality nut trees in Ontario. Offering Zone 4 hardy trees. A beautiful website that has ME wishing for trees! And I don’t even like nuts πŸ˜€

Salt Spring Apple Company – Love apple trees? Check this out! 365 different varieties…an apple lover’s paradise πŸ™‚ Plus they do it all organically in B.C.

Silver Creek Nursery – another small fruit tree provider in Ontario. High-quality trees for your homestead!

Nutcracker Nursery & Tree Farm – A Quebec company offering a large array of hardy fruit and nut trees.

DNA Gardens – a fruit tree nursery in Alberta. Loads of berry bushes, fruit trees and more here.

Pineneedle Farms – an interesting-looking, family-owned tree company located in Ontario.

Another list: Empress of Dirt

There you have it!

All the seeds companies I can currently find in Canada. Know of some I didn’t list? Comment below with their links!

Who are your favourite companies? I’d love to know πŸ™‚

Enjoy your seed hunting!


Canadian Seed Companies |where to buy seeds in Canada |

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