Do you need a website?

do you need a website

The very short answer: yes. The why is a bit longer.

Do you need a website?

Why would I need a website when I have so many social media channels at my fingertips? Websites are so much work! They’re hard to build. Expensive. SEO? Ranking in Google? And I can’t read code!

So many things go through a breeder’s mind when websites are mentioned. But I’m telling you now…yes, you need a website. At least consider it. The why is coming. Rest assured though, it’s important.


First: social media sites can use your information, data, words, and pictures. It’s in their policies. They can delete everything in the blink of an eye with no recourse. They can disable your account. And everything you’ve worked for is gone. All your followers? *poof*. Vanished. To be honest, it’s dangerous to rely on social media only for getting your name out there.

With a website, you own it and all the property on it. You can post whatever you like on it. And the only person responsible for if it’s up or down is you (or your web designer 🙂 ). Creating websites is now a breeze. You don’t need to be super techy, nor do you need to read code. Websites save you time in the long run. FAQ pages, breed info, sale info, about page…you can answer potential buyers’ questions before they get in touch with you. Saving you time answering texts, DMs, and emails.

A few more reasons

Websites give you amazing flexibility. You can flex your creative muscles if you want. Love writing? Blog posts. Enjoy sharing pictures? Galleries! Email lists? Check! Waiting lists? Sure. Have policies? List them.

The main point of your website should be to educate your potential buyer. Answer their questions before they ask them. Show them you are a respectable breeder. Sprinkle testimonials around your site. Create an online home for your rabbits! Show them off. Talk about them.

Getting a website

There are many options out there now for building websites. Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify….the opinions and options abound.

I’ve been building and managing websites since 2013. Since then I have created and managed several of our personal business websites and well as a couple for clients. I have tried Weebly and worked on Wix. Now I work with WordPress. It’s the one I recommend to people. (not affiliated at all with anything I’m linking to) is now a drag and drop interface for building. No need to know or read code anymore. You can get a plugin for absolutely anything. (I.E. Woocommerce, what makes the shop and checkout options on my goat website, is a plugin). And best of all, a huge amount of them are free. Themes – which are the style and layout of the website – are also free.

Of course, there are paid options for both but there is really no need to when starting out.

When using WordPress, the only things you pay for are hosting and your domain. I currently use Hostgator for hosting but plan on switching to Siteground once my current Hostgator plan runs out.

If you would like a full tutorial, let me know! But that’s as far as I’m going right now, it’s a long topic.

This is where social media comes in

do you need a website?

Use your social media to drive traffic to your site. Ask people to check it. Ask them to share. If you have blog posts, share them on social media. Google likes it when websites get traffic, it helps tell them that people like your site and that Google should put it higher in searches.

This takes time. SEO and Google ranking are not easy. But it’s not impossible.

Go search “tri holland lop breeder Ontario“. (or just click the link) See where my website is sitting? Go to images. How many are mine?

This is the power of SEO! I have worked for years at it. But it pays off. Another (super cool) thing about SEO, is once you are ‘liked’ by Google, you start ranking for relatable keywords.

For instance, since I had planned on moving to Alberta, I worked on ranking for ‘tri holland lop breeder Alberta‘ for just 2 or so months. And check it out. Isn’t that cool? The power of Google and SEO is not dead. It just takes consistent work.

None of this is to show off but to show you that it works. It’s possible, and it’s powerful! Don’t discredit the influence of a website in this day and age.

do you need a website?

And keep your site updated. Be on it consistently. Search engines notice if the website developer is on it frequently or not. Google likes sites that are active – on both ends. Google also prefers WordPress sites to other sites, though this may change with other platforms working on getting Google to like them.

Back to how to use your social media accounts to help your website. If someone asks about your stock, send them to your site; same with pricing questions, policy questions, asking for pictures of your stock, etc. Blog posts are an excellent way to rank in Google. Answering people’s questions on blog posts is a good way to start getting traction. People want to see you as an ‘authority’ in your particular branch of business, regardless of what you do.

So, at least consider it. A website is still a great thing to have in this day and age; so no matter how many social platforms are out there.

Would you like a full tutorial? Let me know in the comments down below!

What are your thoughts on websites?

Till next time!


Do you need a website?

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