How To Email A Breeder – the right way

How to email a Breeder – the right way

Have you thought about how you email a breeder? Ever wondered how breeders like to be emailed?

Here are a few tips to remember when emailing breeders:

Email Tips

  • Utilize spell check
  • Use proper terminology
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Don’t use short forms
  • Double check email address/phone number
  • Be polite
  • Be mindful of their time
  • Read sales policy – if available – and be sure you understand it
  • Include your whole name
  • Try to be specific about what you are looking for
  • Do your research beforehand
  • Don’t expect them to answer right away all the time
  • Try not to talk on and on about your rabbits
  • Include your location, if applicable


“Hey, I’m looking for a lop. D u have any 4 sale?”


“Hi Megan,

I am looking for a 4-5-month-old, Tri-Color Holland Lop doe for breeding stock. Do you have any available? I am in the K/W area.

Thank you,


how to email a breeder the right way

As a breeder, I appreciate the second email and am more likely to respond to it than to the first email. In this case, “Andrea”, has put thought into her email. She knows what she wants, and is polite & knowledgeable in her email.

I love it when folks put thought into their email, text, or private message.

Breeders love it when other people are interested in our rabbits, and want to ‘talk rabbit’. And we love it even more when those people are willing to learn 🙂 

So, next time you message a breeder…wow them!

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Till next time,


How To Email A Breeder – the right way

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