How to Evaluate Your Holland Lop Herd

how to evaluate your holland lop herd

Evaluating. Picking who to keep. Who to sell. Who to grow out a bit longer.

Where do you even start?

It can feel like a daunting task.

And – sorry to break the news to you – …it is.

Even I have trouble with it. I have sold rabbits I later regretted selling. It happens to everyone 🙂

How to evaluate your Holland Lop Herd

I highly recommend purchasing the Standard of Perfection as well as the Holland Lop Specialty Club’s guidebook. Both are invaluable when it comes to learning about Holland Lops. (not affiliate links)

In addition to that, teach your Hollands how to pose starting at around 3 weeks old. It makes future evaluating, showing, and photoshoots so much easier.

Become familiar with your rabbits and how they feel, how they sit, and their personalities.

Go to shows, ask other breeders to show you how they set up their Holland Lops and what they like to see. Don’t know what a full loin feels like? Ask. Someone will be willing to show you and let you feel. Hands-on experience is priceless.

Now for a real life example

I will be referencing my Herd Evaluation Sheet (new and revised edition) below.

charlie tri color holland lop doe

Got it? Awesome!

That super cute doe above is Cedar Point Sugarbean. Isn’t she adorable?

Looking at her, I can see that I really like her body and topline. She’s a bit undercut on her hind quarter. The bone is very nice – short and thick. And her head. She’s just over 2 months old in this picture…can you imagine what that head is going to look like as a senior?

Evaluating babies can be fun, but how do you remember everything to look for?

That’s where the Herd Evaluation Chart comes in.

I created it using the Standard of Perfection and the HLRSC’s Guidebook. Plus, I added notes of a few other things I look for in my Hollands.

How does it help?

It lists everything to look for and you don’t have to remember it all!

So for Sugarbean’s body, it would look like this:

The x’s mean she has those pros. Not only can you keep track of all your rabbits’ individual faults and pros, but you can also see exactly what your main faults and pros are.

Deciding what fault to work on has never been easier.

Let’s compare her to this girl:

how to evaluate your holland lop herd

This is Cedar Point Moment of Truth.

A super cute doe but her body is NOT comparable to Sugarbean’s! But, I really like her head.

Truth’s body notes end up mainly in the faults category:

Looking at this, in addition to all the other notes made on each doe, PLUS the notes I made on my bucks, I can decide who I want to keep.

Obviously, Sugarbean is staying.

But for Truth – I really like her head. So I can look at my chart and see if I have a buck who has a really nice body but could use a better head. If I do, I could pair Truth with him.

There you have it! How I evaluate my herd. I hope the info helps you get a better grasp on evaluating yours.

Find something else you want to keep track of but don’t see on the list? Simply add it. I made it so you can edit your copy of the document, so fiddle around and have fun.

How do you evaluate your herd?

Don’t forget to share this with your rabbit friends!

Enjoy 🙂


how to evaluate your holland lop herd

How to Evaluate Your Holland Lop Herd

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