How To Take High Quality Pictures of Your Rabbits – Part 3

How To Take High-Quality Pictures of Your Rabbits – Part 3

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You’ve read Part 1 and Part 2.

You’re learning a LOT.

And you wish you had a DLSR camera – a big fancy one.

Important info here:

A camera is most likely NOT the limiting factor.

A professional photographer once told me, “get good with what you have and then upgrade. If you think the next new camera will improve your photography, you will never be the best photographer you can be.”

So whether you have a phone, point-and-shoot, or a DLSR – get good with it! Learn all you can about it. Figure out the settings. Learn about lighting and angles.

And most of all, have fun!

Phone Photography


You read that right.

Today we’re talking about phone photography. Believe it or not, I actually do use my phone to take pictures.

So…why would I use my phone when I have a perfectly good DSLR?

Simple:  I don’t take my camera everywhere with me – doing chores, checking on my goats and rabbits – but I do take my phone.

It’s perfect for capturing the moment and moving on. I don’t have to worry about hitting a lens or finding a place to leave my camera while doing chores.


When using a phone for photography, it’s even more important to remember lighting. A bright shade is best. Harsh light and low light will ruin your pictures…horribly!

Angles are everything. Fill the picture with your subject. Get rid of distracting backgrounds. No one wants to see what your backyard looks like when they’re looking at your rabbits. Even if it’s a gorgeous one 🙂

Find a good editing program. This can really help touch up and enhance the important things in your pictures. There are different levels of editing and what I’m talking about here is simple touch-ups, such as brightening, contrasting, changing the light colour, or adding different masks. (think Instagram) What I’m not talking about is changing ‘physical’ things in the picture, or what comes to mind with the word “photoshop”.

Picture Time

This is why I take my phone (a Samsung S3 – lousy camera compared to some phones nowadays) with me to the rabbitry:

how to take high quality pictures of your rabbits part 3
baby holland lop
cedar point rabbitry

I don’t get to capture those kinds of moments when I bring my Nikon D7000 camera out.

Don’t think you can capture great pictures with a phone? You can! While the colours may not pop like a picture taken with a DSLR, they can still be pretty.

See how the pictures are all filled with the subject? The unimportant backgrounds are eliminated and you hardly notice them.

The most limiting thing in photography is you and your imagination. Me and my imagination.

Not the phone.

Not a good camera.

You’re probably wondering by now…

What editing software do I use?

Glad you asked!

For my main picture editing, I use Lightroom (love it). Photoshop is another go-to for me along with Canva. I HIGHLY recommend checking Canva out. It’s absolutely amazing for creating social media images. Plus the basic version is free.

(no, it is not an affiliate link)

That’s a wrap!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing them 🙂

Bookmark them, return to them whenever you need a refresher.

Till next time,


How To Take High Quality Pictures of Your Rabbits – Part 3

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