Meet my baby goats!

How is your May going so far?

Mine has been wet, dreary, and damp. We get may 2-3 days of sun/no rain a week…and the rest is cool/cold and rainy.

So sad 🙁

But, the kids are now all around a month and a half old and doing GREAT. So, it’s time to meet my baby goats!

Definitely have quite a few favourites this year.

Meet my baby goats: Introducing the 2019 Kid Crop!

Nigerian Dwarf Kiddos –

Two of my Nigerian Dwarf girls kidded in December, their babies are Hope, Sadie and Ace. Ace has since left for his new home.

So while they technically are 2018 kids, I’m including them in my 2019 Kid Crop. Makes it look like I had more Nigerians born.


  • Sire: Knotty Ash Finch
  • Dam: Sassy
  • DOB: December 23, 2018

Hope is my special girl. Her name – the word “Hope” – has come to mean a lot to me this year.

I tragically lost her sire a couple of weeks ago. That was heart-wrenching in itself. Knotty Ash Finch was a buck I never planned to sell. He was a fixture here. My favourite boy. Losing a goat-like that is never, ever easy. Thinking about him still chokes me up 🙁

Hope has her dad’s personality and markings. I am hoping she has his excellent milking genetics as well.

Isn’t she a beauty? 🙂

nigerian dwarf doe
nigerian dwarf doe


  • Sire: Knotty Ash Finch
  • Dam: Oreo
  • DOB: December 30, 2018

Sadie is such a character! Bratty and sweet. Her sire is also Finch but she takes after her mother, Oreo, in more ways than one.

She will demand attention and doesn’t give up til she gets it. Looking forward to watching this gal grow up!

Hopefully, she won’t take after her mom’s fence-jumping skills…

Nigerian dwarf doe


  • Sire: Eco Hill Goliath
  • Dam: Bella
  • DOB: March 27, 2019

Kiera! I’m not sure a goat can get sweeter than this girl. She’s a semi-bottle baby, knows her name, and loves people.

Her favourite place is in your arms. And yes, she knows she’s cute.

Kiera’s sire was a gorgeous blue-eyed, moon spotted buck I had for just a short time. So glad she has blue eyes! Though sadly no moon spots.

nigerian dwarf doe for sale
nigerian dwarf doe


  • Sire: Eco Hill Goliath
  • Dam: Candy
  • DOB: March 25, 2019

Last but definitely not least! Sparky is my new herdsire. Will have to wean this boy early.

Sparky is a very solid, very well-put-together boy. He’s blue-eyed and moon spotted.

He’s a very outgoing buckling, friendly yet not overly. I don’t like pushy bucks, and he’s not.

And no, I don’t know next year how I will manage to NOT keep all the Nigerian Dwarf kids again.

nigerian dwarf buck
nigerian dwarf buck ontario

Kiko Kids of 2019

I am very, very happy with the 2019 kids! They’re growing like bad weeds and looking good.

More doelings would have been nice though.

Sierra’s Twins

These two brats. They are beautiful kids and so outgoing. I like my kids friendly, but these two take the cake!

Their mom isn’t too sure what to think of people lovin’ on her kids so much… (Sierra is not a people goat!)

Kiko doeling for sale ontario
kiko buckling for sale in ontario

Delight’s Twins

  • Sire: Cedar Point 17-08 Sky’s the Limit
  • Dam: EZK Delight
  • DOB: March 26, 2019
  • Purebred Kikos
  • Twin bucklings

Delight’s boys are calm, happy-go-lucky kids. They just do their own thing and are happy with life.

Striking colours on these two – both have marbled blue eyes.

kiko goats for sale in ontario
kiko goats for sale in ontario

Indigo’s Single

  • Sire: Cedar Point 17-08 Sky’s the Limit
  • Dam: Cedar Point 17-10 Indigo Blue
  • DOB: March 31, 2019
  • Purebred Kiko
  • Buckling

A monster of a buckling and the biggest kid born this season. His cute face belays his weight. This boy has a lot going for him!

He’s stocky, heavy, and wide. 🙂

meet my 2019 goat kids
meet my baby goats!

Abby’s Twins

  • Sire: Cedar Point 17-08 Sky’s the Limit
  • Dam: SMF Abby
  • DOB: April 2, 2019
  • Purebred Kikos
  • Bucklings

Okay, these two are definitely my favourite bucklings of this year. They are thick, heavy, and so good-looking. Both are beautifully marked and blue-eyed.

Thinking there is a keeper among them.

Fun fact: the paint buckling has one white horn and one black horn.

kiko goat breeder ontario
kiko goats for sale

Polly’s Single

  • Sire: Cedar Point 17-08 Sky’s the Limit
  • Dam: Cedar Point 18-03 Polly Anna
  • DOB: April 4, 2019
  • Purebred Kiko
  • Doeling

Now here’s a pretty girl! Kenzie is a sweet, easy-going girl. Her mom is doing a great job of raising her first kid and I am very pleased with both of them.

kiko goats ontario
kiko doe for sale

Brittney’s Single

  • Sire: Cedar Point Sky’s the Limit
  • Dam: SMF Brittney
  • DOB: April 6, 2019
  • Purebred Kiko
  • Doeling

This is one SOLID girl! She’s the heaviest kid currently, and no surprise based on Brittney’s udder. Her dam is an amazing doe, and helps supplement 3 other kids besides her doeling, Stella.

Do I want those genetics to stay in my herd? Yes, please!

Stella has a good chance of staying here.

kiko goat
pretty goat

There you have it

All the 2019 kids. I am very happy with them and I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Soon they’re going to outgrow their cuteness – well, the Kikos will – and they’ll be all grown up.

I think Nigerians stay cute for pretty much their whole lives. They simply can’t outgrow it!

Here’s to a great summer 🙂 I post pictures to both Instagram and Facebook if you’d like to stay up-to-date on these kiddos.

Enjoy your week 🙂


Meet my baby goats!

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  1. Looking good. So super cute!
    Thank you for that post. Made me smile.
    Yes, damp and cold… what is up?

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