My Favorite Books! Winter Reading List

Reading. I’ve been doing a lot of that, lately!

Combination of lack of internet, lots of snow, and the fact that ALL the roads in our county were closed last Thursday. There was so much snow, wind and frigid temperatures they actually pulled the snowplows off the roads!

Winter days are pretty relaxed around here. Chores take about 45 minutes, twice a day. Winter is when I catch up on reading, online courses, and seed shopping. It’s pretty cozy!

What’s on my winter reading list


Yes, I make time for fun! 😉 These are a few of my favourite titles so far out of the over 400 kindle books I have read. Some people would say I have a problem…

…and I’ll stop there. Could go on, but that would be a very, very long list!

Goat Books I won’t be without

I honestly believe that every goat owner who is interested in alternative medicine and natural care of their goats should own the first two books. Those are my go-to’s! The last book is on my wishlist.

Homesteading & Gardening

Those are all from Chelsea Green Publishing. Check them out if you’re interested in those titles.

Herb Books

I love reading. It’s my hobby. Being able to get into someone’s world through a book, visiting other worlds, continents, and years is absolutely amazing! A good author should be able to transport you into their book…and you get lost in it.

And no, I don’t think I have a favourite topic or even a favourite type of fiction. Do you?

What’s on your winter reading list? Comment below, I’d love to know 🙂

More book suggestions are always a good thing!


My Favorite Books! Winter Reading List

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