Natural & Preventative Health Care for Rabbits

natural preventative health care

Fitting topic, isn’t it? With everything going on right now, I want to make sure my buns are in top health. And I’m sure you do too!

They’ve also become my de-stressor. Along with my goats, gardens, and seeds. What are your de-stressors?

Back on topic…

Natural & Preventative Health Care for Rabbits

I’m sharing what I enjoy using and have had success with! Are your top picks not on the list? Comment below and share what you’ve learned.

For context, I’ll share a little bit about how I raise my rabbits. I don’t use medicated feed, chemical de-wormers, or antibiotics. It took me YEARS to select rabbits who wouldn’t die from coccidiosis. Lots of hard culling. But, now I very, very rarely have a case of coccidiosis. It IS possible to genetically select for immunity and hardiness even in pet breeds.

Instead, I use herbs, supplements, homeopathy, and good ‘old fashioned cleanliness. Does it make my rabbits immune to everything? Nope! But, they are definitely a strong, healthy bunch.

My Top Picks

Keeping rabbits healthy can be challenging. Thankfully, in recent years many high-quality products have come out. Here are my favourites:

Zoey & Lilo’s Toy Box

This online, Canadian store carries Sherwood products. (if you haven’t heard of them, I recommend looking them up). I’ve used – and love! – the following two products and my buns ate them up like treats.

Sherwood Vitamin C and Sherwood Immune Support.

Plus, they have quite a few other interesting products and rabbit toys.

Fir Meadow LLC

Next up is my favourite herb company! If you are into herbs at all, I highly recommend grabbing her book. Kat is a certified master herbalist and her herbal mixes are on point. American.

My favourite products to date from her are: (be sure to head over to each product’s page to learn more about them)

  • DWA – herbal dewormer. Powdered, so mixes easily into water. Can be used with pregnant animals.
  • GI Soother – gut support. Great for any type of diarrhea, worm load, and gut issues.
  • Herbiotic – contains a synergistic blend of powerful herbs that contain therapeutic effects which been used to support the body in bacterial, viral, microbial, fungal and yeast issues. (basically…it kicks butt 😉 )
  • Better Daze – a boost for anything under stress, or for when you’re not sure exactly what’s going on.
  • BreatheDeeplee – perfect for preventing issues when the weather is fluctuating.
  • Cayenne Extract – couldn’t leave off this one! I use it more with my goats for slow kids, but it’s a must have for any herbal emergency kit.

And if I was rich and famous, I’d try out all of her products. But I’m not…can’t be when raising rabbits 😉

NOTE: December 2021 update: it appears that they don’t ship to Canada anymore. A re-shipper may work though.

Another U.S. herb company is Land of Havilah. I haven’t tried her products yet but I’ve taken a couple of short courses from her.

I also like having this product on hand. As well as Rabbit Vita-Drops. Also, check out this post.

What are your favorite products for natural & preventative health care for rabbits? Comment below!


Natural & Preventative Health Care for Rabbits

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