Rabbit Youtubers: videos you should watch

rabbit youtubers you should watch

Youtube is a literal rabbit hole! Hours upon hours can be spent there, watching bunny jumping or genetic videos. Today I’m sharing a few helpful videos I have come across and will be helpful to you as well 🙂 Save or bookmark this page to come back to.

Rabbit Youtubers: videos you should watch

Underhill Rabbitry has a series on identifying newborn rabbit colours. They are short, 2-5 minute videos where she shows you with actual babies the differences to look for.

Flat Wabbit Rabbitry put up a very neat series explaining colour genetics and goes through each locus. If you learn better by seeing/hearing, check it out. Even if you don’t, it’s still very interesting to watch.

I love how Elbon Hill Rabbitry explains line-breeding. Go to about the 5-minute mark in her video to skip how she grooms a Rex doe – unless you have Rexs, of course.

Even though Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry has quit uploading, she still has plenty of great videos on her Youtube channel. Hook’s Hollands also has a bunch of fun videos.

Riverscape has many great pointers in her video on posing Hollands, including some on how to train your rabbit to know it is ‘working’ when you place them on the grooming table. Kailey K’s also has a nice video on posing. I’d like to mention, even though it looks like the handling isn’t gentle, it is. It’s simply many, light, quick touches.

I also enjoyed Creekside Rabbits video on evaluating their 4 week old Holland Lops. What they are talking about is what I also look for. One thing I’d like to add to it is to watch if the feet are cow hocked or not. This relates to a pinched or wide hindquarter. She re-evaluates them at 7 weeks in this video. Watch her hand shape as it goes over each body. You can see by that the difference in body type she’s talking about.

A quick, 1-minute video of a judge giving feedback on a Holland.

I found this HANDY video on what to look for in a Holland Lop head. I was sad to see that she hasn’t put more up.

rabbit youtubers: videos you should watch

A few more links…

Book: ABC about bunny colours (amazon)

Rabbit Color Calculator by Kim’s Rabbit Hutch

And another colour calculator by Color Genetics. It’s a bit more in-depth than the one above.

Short & Sweet

Not a super long post today, but plenty of things to look at! What are your favourite videos? Comment below with the links!



Rabbit Youtubers: videos you should watch

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