ROUNDUP: my favorite Holland Lop color sites!

Colour websites.

We all have our list – no matter how long or short – of go-to rabbit & colour websites.

Sometimes our organizational skills aren’t the best…and we either lose that list or don’t look at it because, well, it’s simply too hard to find anything in it!

Who else has 101 bookmarks they never look at?

I hope I’m not the only one!

Plus there’s Pinterest.

At least THAT is easier to organize.

So today I’m sharing in a very neat, very tidy, very savable list my favourite Holland Lop colour sites.

Tri Color Genetics

Obviously, I need to start out with this category:

Understanding Tri Color Genetics by Christina Sherer

Tri Color Genetics by Jody’s Rabbitry

Breeding Tri Colours by Garden Shed Bunnies

This whole website: The Truth About Tris

roundup my favourite holland lop colour sites

Holland Lop Colour Guides

With pictures:

Holland Lop Color Guide by Hoppin’ Herd of Hares

An “Almost Complete” Guide to Holland Lop Colors by Hook’s Hollands

Holland Lop Colour Guide by Ephiny

Downloadable PDF of Colors & Descriptions by Heavenly Hares Rabbitry

my favourite holland lop colour sites

Genetic ‘Speak’:

The Nature Trail’s Series on Colors

Genotype List by Marell’s & Raeben’s Holland Lops

Oceanside Angora’s has a neat list of what colour to breed to what vs do not’s.

Color Crossing Rules by Fatty’s Rabbitry

And of course, my color charts.

What are your favourite sites? Comment below! I love checking out new websites.

Bookmark, pin, and share this post…don’t keep all the good info to yourself! 😉



ROUNDUP: my favorite Holland Lop color sites!

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