The Bunny’s Guide to Owner Training

The Bunny’s Guide to Owner Training

Training owners is a big deal..and hard work. Their real weaknesses are cute faces and snuggles. Use them to your advantage!

  1. When you first meet your new owner, be friendly but reserved. They have to earn your trust!
  2. Make sure they are prompt. Properly kept feeding and exercise times are a must. If they are late, throwing toys or dishes around works well to get their attention. Really late folks need to be shunned for the evening.
  3. Snuggles are important, but only on your time and how you like it. Soft head rubs are great! Teach them how to do this but gently nudging their hand and sliding your nose under it. Humans think this is really cute.
  4. Cardboard boxes make great toys. Hopefully, they give you one. When you get it, tear it to shreds! Show them how much you love boxes…they’ll give you another one.
  5. Beg for food every time a human is in sight.
  6. Only run out of water, food or hay at the most inconvenient times. They need to know how important you are.
  7. If they bring a new pet home, shun them! Ignore them and the new pet….at least until the human offer you all kinds of delectable treats.
  8. Sleep like you died. This one really scares them! It makes them stop and pay attention to you.
  9. Shavings are great for kicking out of the cage…especially if your room is carpeted.
  10. Stick your cute bunny nose into everything.
  11. Tear around the house like a crazy bunny. Lots of popcorns and bounces. Humans think it so cute!
  12. And at the end of every day, make sure they know how much you love them. Snuggle close and give kisses 🙂

There you have it! 12 tips on how to train your owner from the seasoned owner trainers at Cedar Point Rabbitry!

the bunny's guide to owner training

What was your favourite tip? Do your rabbits do any of these? I’d love to know!

Lovin’ the buns,


The Bunny’s Guide to Owner Training

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