Top Tips from Pro ARBA Breeders – Part 2

top tips from pro arba breeders

Top Tips from Pro ARBA Breeders – Part 2

Following is a list of top tips compiled from this thread on the Members of ARBA – Amercian Rabbit Breeders Association Facebook Page.

Did you enjoy Part 1? I hope so!

Be prepared to have a whole new outlook on your rabbit business.

Let’s dive right in…

> On showing, mentors & judges:

top tips from pro arba breeders part 2

I found that once I started predicting what a Judge would say about my animals on the table I started showing better. Ask Judges that really know your breed for advice. Also, find the best buck available for your herd buck.

Find you a good solid mentor who does not allow themselves to be a part of drama nor do they make drama.

Breed so rabbits mature for the shows you want to attend……never show rabbits just to get someone else’s opinion …you will be mad all the time as judging g varies wildly.”

Find a good mentor, someone who has been there done that and can share experiences. Breed for what you like, not for a judge’s opinion.

Also, stay out of the drama. A lot of youth breeders will accidentally bump right into it, it just causes more stress.

And a couple more things, if you ever go to Convention, they hold classes for beginners, GO TO THOSE!! They teach you a lot. Never lose your confidence in your herd, but at the same time, never expect to win.

Don’t let the negative people get to you. There are good people and bad people. Just keep on doing what you do and breed/show for yourself and the love of the hobby, not for all the other people.”

Don’t get discouraged by one judge’s opinion cause that’s all it really is.”

cream holland lop doe

Find a true breeder and only listen to them. Not all the wanna bee’s who are just in it cause they think they will make money and pretend to know.

Remember one judge’s opinion on one day.

Tag your carriers to identify the ear number and class of the occupant so you can quickly get the right rabbit on the table. That helps a lot if you have two breeds called to the table at the same time and need to have someone else put them up.

Before you show a rabbit for the first time, examine it one more time…especially the sex check.

Do not take one judge’s opinion, get many.”

Ask to feel rabbits not just in your breed. Table write and ask the judge to feel faults. Talk to top breeders and feel up their rabbits. Listen more than you talk and don’t look outside your herd for every answer. Think big picture not a single win or goal. And finally, keep it professional. Maybe personally you detest that person but if you need their stock don’t let your ego stop you from getting it.

> On maintenance & sanitation:

home cedar point rabbitry

Ease of maintenance for your set-up and sanitation, this can be continuously improved. You can start out with used equipment mostly and then over the years buy the stuff you really want and think will help you and your rabbitry grow. Know your diseases, parasites, genetic defects, how to evaluate a rabbit for critical issues or concerns both structurally and internally such as spinal issues, teeth, vent, gastrointestinal, eyes etc.

There are many ways to breed, feed, cage, house, groom, etc. Just because it works for others, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your practices!

Instilling good habits in regard to health and upkeep are the best things you can do to improve your herd and betterment in the hobby. Know how to keep feed stored, clean dishes, disinfect cages properly. Herd health practices such as quarantining new intakes, preventive deworming, and the most important clean fresh water every single day.

It’s easy to slouch and skip something that seems so much of a norm like not cleaning out a dirty feeder or water dish, or not quarantining a new intake, skipping things like that can be so costly and completely preventable consequences you could face. People get so focused on breeding and buying this rabbit or that and forget the basics of maintaining your herd health.

Keep good housekeeping in the barn. Keep cages and equipment sanitized.

This is on the lighter side but if you hose your cages out keep your mouth closed while hosing.

Here is a tip I tell every new breeder: when putting your rabbits back in their cages, put them in tail first. If they don’t see where they are going they won’t jump/scratch trying to get into their cage.

If you use stacking cages, keep the bucks on the lower level..preferably below eye level.. Nothing like getting sprayed in the face while doing chores. Also..make sure you can reach to the back of your cages/hutches..and that there is full and easy access for cleaning.”

If going out and feeding and watering rabbits becomes a dreaded chore, you have too many.”

Reading through tips like this NEVER gets old.

Don’t forget to share it with anyone who’s into rabbits…because anyone can benefit from this.

Talk soon,


Top Tips from Pro ARBA Breeders – Part 2

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