Tutorial Roundup: Posing Holland Lops

posing holland lops

Tutorial Roundup: Posing Holland Lops


Kinda elusive. Not real easy to learn – or teach to your buns.

And not always a built-in feature with Hollands. It should be…but they don’t all come with it.

Junior Holland Lops need to be taught to sit still and have manners.

Seniors…well they either were never taught or like to have an attitude about it. But often – especially with the show Holland Lops – are absolutely amazing at it and that’s what we’re aiming for.

So, I’ve rounded up several, really good VIDEOS on the subject

Enjoy 🙂

Please note, I do not own these videos in any shape or form. Complete credit, copyright, and ownership go to each creator and breeder.

1) “Posing Holland Lops” from Laura at Locket Rabbitry. This is my personal favourite and is so well done.

2) We have “How to pose a Holland Lop” by Holly at Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry. Holly is a well of knowledge and absolutely amazing to listen to & watch.

3) “How to properly pose a Holland Lop” by Taylor over at Binos Bunnies.

4) And Holly’s Hollands Rabbitry again. Here Holly shows how to teach and pose a baby Holland Lop.

5) Yep, here she is again 🙂 Holly showed us her juniors – evaluating them and posing them.

And lastly, an infographic showing over, under, and correct poses:

how to pose a holland lop

One last link 🙂 Over at my Pinterest board, I have pinned a BUNCH of super handy Holland Lop pictures, showing proper head mounts, feet, heads, and pretty much anything else!

Honest, you’re going to want to save this one.

Remember to save this post for later. You’ll be referring to it time and again…I know do!

What do you struggle with the most when posing your Hollands? Comment below and let me know.


Tutorial Roundup: Posing Holland Lops

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