What color can I breed _____ to? | Color Charts |

what color can I breed ____ to

Colours are confusing, to say the least.

You wish there was a chart that would list what colour could be bred to what.

A chart that says you can breed a tri to these colours but not to these other colours. Or tells you the potential outcomes of crossing an orange with a tort.

What color can I breed ______ to?

Let’s answer that here and now.

I have something for you – Meet The Color Charts!

Easy to understand and well organized, these colour charts will help you figure out what colour you can breed that gorgeous doe to.

Each colour has the following columns:

  • Good to breed
  • Potential outcomes (of the color x the ones listed in good to breed)
  • Fine, but not the best
  • Possible problems
  • Never breed
  • Notes

These particular colours charts, while they are geared toward Holland Lops, can be used for other breeds as well.

Some pointers to remember:

  • It’s assumed the rabbits are type compatible
  • This chart and any information on it are not written in stone
  • It’s not an exhaustive, comprehensive list of colors, possible matches or colors possible from different matches
  • Some colors are missing, such as steel, martin and magpie
  • Factors that affect color outcomes include genotype, parentage and your goals

Click on each picture below to down the charts, they will open in new windows. I’ve divided them up into different groups for easier use.

color charts
what color can I breed __________ to?
what color can I breed ________ to?
what color can I breed __ to?
what color can I breed __ to?
what color can I breed __ to?

Need Help Identifying Colors?

Need some actually pictures to help identify colours? Head over to the following websites.

You CAN do this! It takes a while to get the hang of colours, genotypes, and genetics BUT it is totally worth it.

I hope you enjoy these charts as much as I enjoyed creating them 🙂 Remember to share this with your rabbit friends! They’ll thank you for it.


What color can I breed _____ to? | Color Charts |

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    1. Hey Linda!
      Absolutely! Feel free to send me an email and/or follow me on IG @cprabbitry_northernspringsfarm and FB @cedarpointrabbitry 🙂

    1. For the most part, yes. Some ND colors have different names, as far as I know, so you’d have to figure what ones are genetically the same 🙂

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