What’s in my kidding kit?

What’s in my kidding kit?

Kidding season is right around the corner! Who’s excited?! I know I am! I started counting down the days to kids in late December…

If you’re heading into your first kidding season, it can be slightly terrifying, very exciting, and intense. Because goats don’t always follow the rules. It is always great fun to see kids though.

But, be prepared to the best of your ability helps things go a lot smoother.

what's in my kidding kit?

You’ve gotta be kidding!

The first step in a successful kidding season is to make sure your does are in good health and condition. Minerals are especially important in the last trimester. Vitamin E/Selenium and potassium are vital nutrients for healthy kids and easy kiddings. If your does are low on vitamin e/selenium the kids will be weak and white muscle disease is a real threat. Low on potassium and your does will have trouble kidding as muscles do not act properly without potassium and can actually lock up a doe’s pelvic area. I have had this happen one year and ended up pulling a lot of kids.

Be sure your does are on a good mineral, as well as salt and kelp. I use International Stock Food’s Vitamin E/Selenium mix for supplementing those. Some people use the paste but I prefer the powder. Though I do keep the paste on hand for if in case a kid ever needs it.

Raw apple cider vinegar is a great source of extra potassium. I put it in the does water at a ratio of 1 cup ACV to 5 gallons water for 1 month before the first due date and continue till everyone has kidded. It makes a huge difference for me.

Feed stays the same throughout the pregnancy – hay. This year I am also trying out 2 different protein tubs to see how I and the does like those.

Kidding Kit Supplies

Everyone’s kit looks a little different – here’s mine:

  • plenty of old towels
  • a bulb syringe
  • tube for feeding weak kids
  • bottles/nipples
  • heat lamp
  • kid coats
  • small syringes
  • drenching syringe
  • small bottle of cayenne tincture ( I make my own but you can purchase it)
  • head light
  • weigh scale
  • bucket
  • iodine spray
  • molasses
  • vitamin e/selenium paste
  • gloves


  • I also keep handy a tube of probios and one of B vitamins. Both stay in a cool, easily accessible place though and not with my kidding kit.
  • Herbamine extract from Fir Meadows
  • misc herbs and essential oils for whatever may happen. Part of my regular supply area.
what's in my kidding kit? triplet kids!

Kidding is here!

When I notice a doe going into labour (ligaments are gone, udder full, hollowed out by hips) I just keep an eye on her. As she gets closer I’ll pop her in a kidding pen. For first-time does or Nigerians I keep a really close eye on. Kikos I’m not as worried about, especially my older girls (who are amazing!). My goal is to not interfere if possible as I like, especially for the Kikos, to see who kids easily by themselves. I will not let a doe struggle though. If a doe is in active labour, pushing, etc for up to 30 minutes with no progression or if I see the kid is presenting wrong, I go in and help.

Once a doe has kidded, I’ve weighed the kids, and I know the kids have nursed, I leave them alone to bond. They generally stay in a kidding pen for 1-2 days.

After that, I enjoy the kids! And wait for more does to kid.

What did your very first kidding season look like?



What’s in my kidding kit?

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