When I don’t think my rabbits are THAT good

when I don't thnk my rabbits are that good

Ever feel like your rabbits aren’t that good? Like if you had a new buck, a new doe, or a rabbit from THAT breeder you could do soo much better?

How about that feeling that everyone else has excellent rabbits and you look at yours and feel…frustrated. Depressed. Annoyed.

I do. Yep.

Long story short: pretty much every breeder feels like that at one time or another. The breeder whose rabbits you so admire feel like that.

Every breeder has rabbits they wish were better. Rabbits they wish had the head of one and the body of another.

If you are struggling with feeling like you just can’t get it right, I hear you! Am I here to tell you how to fix it? Nope. No one knows exactly how to do that with the rabbits you have except you.


Right now, I am struggling with ratios with my rabbits. I have some lovely does – Brie and Tiddlywinks to be exact – who I like the bodies on. BUT, they are MASSIVE does! False dwarfs and rockin’ every pound of it. (these are slightly older pictures…they’ve “filled out” since then…:) ) Then I have a nice petite buck – American Rhythm – and he’s lacking mass, it really bugs me.

how I choose holland lops
american rhythm

And so far they are not cooperating with giving me a nice combo baby.

It’s frustrating and sometimes it can be hard to persevere. I KNOW my rabbits can produce a good balance of both. Twist is a lovely mix and so is Regency. But that’s only two does and I don’t have a good buck for them yet.

cedar point rabbitry
holland lop rabbits

Soo…what to do when you’re in a funk?

Look back on old pictures. See what you started with! It can be startling to do this. For me…wow.

For example, from 2015: a doe from early 2015. My first favourite harlequin buck – Little Guy. And a junior doe. Yep. Definitely have improved.

when I don't think my rabbits are that good
when I don't think my rabbits are that good

Lately, I have been frustrated with my rabbits – mainly because they’re not cooperating with getting pregnant. And feeling like they’re not that good. (guess that can happen when you stare at something for too long, lol 😉 ) It’s been on my mind to share this with you, because I know some of you struggle with this and posing.

Here’s the thing: IT’S OKAY TO STRUGGLE. If life was all sun and roses, there would be no satisfaction in doing any task. And as we all know, raising rabbits is NOT all that easy. Therein is the satisfaction, the triumph, the accomplishment. It would not be fun if there was no hard work involved.

So here am I, screwing my head on straight, realizing I DO have really nice stock with lots of potential, and knowing I have come a long way.

Do I need a new buck? Not really. Would I like one if a good one came my way? Yes. But I’m not going to pine away after that and not work with what I have now. What I will do is keep persevering, keep trying for that perfect combo baby.

What about you?

What are you struggling with and what are you going to do about it?

I know it’s not often shared in the rabbit world what we’re struggling with or if we feel like our rabbits aren’t that good. But truth be told, we’ve all wrestled with those. And it’s not good to just keep heading down that road because it can get pretty depressing!

If I may make a suggestion…find a breeder you trust, with who you can share your struggles and know they will keep it in confidence. And look back on old pictures. Everyone needs someone to talk to.

I would love to hear from you…if you don’t feel comfortable commenting below, send me an email.

Till next time 🙂



When I don’t think my rabbits are THAT good

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