Why Choose Kikos: will they work for you?

why choose kikos

Many people come to know the breed as hardy, persistent, and fertile. They are touted as having great parasite resistance, exceptional mothering abilities, and the ability to thrive in many environments.

But will they work for you?

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Why Choose Kikos: will they work for you?

Kikos are originally from New Zealand and developed by Garrett Batten. They came to Canada in 1998, but there was no real interest until 2000. Even in 2010/2011 when I first started looking at Kikos they were hard to find in Ontario.

A breed all its own, the Kiko is perfect for homesteaders, small & large operations. They are:

  • hardy
  • have great parasite resistance
  • great mothering skills and instincts
  • plenty of milk
  • rapid weight gain
  • less leg and hoof problems
  • good, lean carcass

Kikos, while considered a meat breed, is a great dual-purpose goat. Does are excellent milkers and produce creamy, rich milk. Kids are fast-growing and put weight on well. While a Kiko doe obviously can’t compete with a dairy-specific breed, they can hold their own as a dual purpose, homestead goat.

Bucks can weigh 200+lbs and does 100-150lbs. They are considered a medium-framed breed as compared to Boers.

While some Kikos are inherently wild and stay that way, many of them have calm, sweet personalities. To date, I have found Kiko bucks a lot better to handle the dairy breed bucks.

Overall, Kikos do great without supplemental feeds such as grain. They are bred to put weight on without it as compared to most Boer goats. Kikos also kid out easier as Kiko birth weights are low. Boer kids are often large and big-boned at birth. Kikos are lighter and have a finer frame, making kidding easier on the doe. Kiko kids are often between 6-9lbs at birth.

The Kiko Advantage

  • Exceptional Maternal Instincts
  • Parasite Resistant
  • Aggressive Foragers
  • Aggressive Breeders
  • Vigorous, fast-growing kids
  • Less Producer input
  • Less hoof problems
  • More kids raised to weaning
  • Excellent for crossbreeding
  • Improved carcass yields
  • Proven by independent research
  • Points by the AKGA

If you’re looking for a breed for your homestead or small farm…

Kikos will keep you in milk, and provide fast-growing, meat kids. They are hardier than many dairy breeds, making the learning curve easier. Parasite resistance and strong feet equal less input from you as a busy homesteader. Commercial stock is a great place to start!

If you’re looking for a breed for your commercial operation…

How does less kidding problems and more live kids to market sound? Kikos will do that for you and more! Minimize inputs and producer time. Less time spent hoof trimming, deworming, vaccinating. More time spent marketing your product and finding ways to increase productivity.

Where to find Kikos

You can find more info about my own herd of Kikos here. I offer both registered and unregistered stock.

Places to look for breeders in your area include the breeder directories by the Kiko goat registries: AKGA, IKGA, NKR, and CMGA. Another great spot is the Canadian Kiko Goat Breeders group on Facebook.


Feel free to get in touch with me here.

Have a great day!


Why Choose Kikos: will they work for you?

2 thoughts on “Why Choose Kikos: will they work for you?

  1. I chose Kiko goats for all the reasons outlined in your Blog. Plus they are adorable!
    My first group of kids have stolen my heart. They are so playful as well as being soft and cuddly.

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