Why Choose Nigerian Dwarfs?

Nigerian Dwarfs are quickly becoming a popular breed among new goat folks. They are quirky, small, and personable. What’s there not to like about them?

Why Choose Nigerian Dwarfs?

Besides the fact they make great pets, why choose Nigerian Dwarfs for your small farm or homestead?

why choose nigerian dwarfs

Their milk

Nigerians are a miniature dairy breed that is known for their great personalities. But besides that, these little goats are tiny milk-making machines. their milk is rich, creamy, and full of fat. (They average 6.5% vs other dairy breeds who average 3-4%). High-fat content makes Nigerian milk perfect for cheese making.

Goat milk is also easier to digest than cow milk. It is naturally homogenized, with smaller fat particles evenly suspended throughout the milk. It’s typically digested in 20 minutes, vs cow’s milk can take 24 hours to be digested by our guts.

Not only that, Nigerian milk tastes better than most, because of the high butterfat. Since butterfat is what gives milk its sweet flavour, Nigerian milk is the sweetest, richest milk of all the dairy breeds. Though Nubians aren’t far behind. Milk from Nigerians is often preferred over cow milk as well.

Year round breeders

Nigerians come into heat year-round. This is a huge bonus over most goat breeds who are seasonal breeders. Instead of having a huge excess of milk in the spring/summer, you can breed for an even milk supply year-round with these goats.

hope | why choose nigerian dwarfs

They’re small

An obvious point, but such a good one. Nigerians are a miniature breed, averaging less than 75lbs. They are much easier to handle than standard breeds, making them great for smaller folks and kids to be around. Plus, you can average 2 Nigerians for every large breed goat. Nigerians are great for small properties and even suburban areas. Plus…it’s not near as painful to have a tiny goat step on your foot as it is to have a full-size goat.

It is easier to make several small goats work instead of a few large ones. For example, it’s easier to stagger kiddings with several does instead of trying to stretch out the lactation period of a single large doe. It’s easier to house and feed two small bucks – or a buck and wether – than it is to keep two large ones.

Nigerians are a great fit for many lifestyles and farms.

A noteworthy note

Not all Nigerians are equal. Because of their popularity as pets, many of these goats have small udders with low production, poor conformation, and tiny, hard to milk teats.

Just as with any breed, if you are looking for a good production doe, you will need to go to a breeder who really focuses on that. If you’re looking for a doe with medium production but doesn’t need as much grain to keep condition (because she’s not putting so much into milk production) you have more options.

Ask the breeder what their goals are. Different goals produce different goats. Some are show breeders. Others are focused on producing a great family milk goat. Some just want colour. Each breeder will have a slightly different goal in mind. The beauty of this is there will always be someone who has exactly what you’re looking for! Whether that be a show doe, a good family doe, or a cute wether for a pet.

why choose nigerian dwarfs

What do you like about Nigerian Dwarfs? Comment below!

Enjoy 🙂


Why Choose Nigerian Dwarfs?

3 thoughts on “Why Choose Nigerian Dwarfs?

  1. I chose Nigerians for a number of reasons. I have owned pet goats in the past and love them all!!!! But I can’t stand the thought of killing something I love so I right away decided I wanted a goat that I wouldn’t be so afraid the offspring was being purchased for that! Secondly they are smaller and a bit easier to handle and I love the looks of them but I love the fact I can go even further into owning them with a kick back of getting milk for different purposes so they give back and can possibly help pay for their keep. Easy pea set, I give them tons of love and good care and they give me enjoyment and milk back so I can make such things as soap and use their milk also for cooking and drinking etc. I can’t wait to get started into these intriguing little gems.

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