Why Shampoo Bars? 4 Reasons to Switch!

Why Shampoo Bars? 4 Reasons to Switch

Looking for a replacement for your chemical-laden, hormone-disrupting shampoo?

Tired of a dry, itchy scalp or brittle hair?

I know I am!

After years of getting an itchy scalp and dry, frizzy hair from even gentle, ‘herbal’ shampoos, I was ready to try something different.

Enter Shampoo Bars.

So far so good…my hair is soft and smooth while my scalp is not itchy.


So, what’s so good about them?


why shampoo bars

Natural Ingredients


NSF shampoo bars do not contain synthetic detergents or harmful chemicals. Instead, bio-degradable oils, fats, essential oils, and herbs are used to create a luxurious experience.

Natural shampoo bars gently cleanse your hair and scalp and are rich in highly moisturizing oils, which leave your hair soft and conditioned. (no frizz for me)

It’s a treat for your head!


SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate.

A nasty chemical that started out as garage floor cleaner and is now a common ingredient in liquid shampoos, soaps, and detergents.

SLS is a detergent that produces the foaming action that is associated with cleanliness – bubbles don’t actually indicate effective cleaning though – and not only does it disrupt hormones, it strips your hair of its natural oils, can irritate the scalp, and cause hair to become parched and brittle.

Not a fan.

So I want on a hunt for creamy, gentle shampoo bars that focus on hair health and gentle cleansing. And did I mention wholesome ingredients? We’re talking things like goat’s milk, coconut oil, herbs and more. No SLS here.

Environmentally Friendly

I wanted a bar that wasn’t covered in plastic packaging, and one that I could pack along on camping trips…and not worry about what the ingredients did to the environment.

NSF shampoo bars are loaded with bio-degradable ingredients, making them perfect for camping and cottage trips! Super easy to pack along, and no nasties like SLS.


why shampoo barsHandcrafted

No surprise here, but who wants a shampoo bar that’s made in the same way…and with the same ingredients…as conventional liquid shampoo?

I know I don’t.

Handcrafted shampoo bars are loaded with healing, healthy ingredients. Plus, they’re created in small batches ensuring quality.

You get to know who made your bar and what exactly is in it.

And it’s always a good thing to support local businesses.

Shampoo bars are a health-friendly way to gently cleanse your tresses.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

I did…and I am loving it!

Have questions? Feel free to shoot me an email.

Til next time,


Why Shampoo Bars? 4 Reasons to Switch!

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